4 reasons why you should hire a web designer for your blog

Over the past several years, the blogging world has grown exponentially. A blog was once a corner on the internet for people to keep an online journal. Now, a blog is a lucrative way to carve out a career from a hobby and a passion.

When you sign up to a blogging platform (such as WordPress) you can use a template that the site provides, but it is usually better to get a web designer for your blog.

1. A web designer can make your blog look much more professional and appealing

Blogging platforms offer free templates, but they tend to be quite basic – and a bit boring. A web design agency can create a template that makes your blog look beautiful and appealing to the visitor’s eye. If you are running a blog for business, career or portfolio purposes then a web designer can make your blog look much more professional than a basic layout.

2. A web designer can create a blog identity

Whether you are blogging as a hobby or blogging as a career, your blog is your ‘baby’ so to speak. A web designer can create a layout that represents you and the genre of your blog, whether you are running a blog on a specific topic – i.e. fashion, beauty, interiors, sport, entertainment, etc – or putting together your portfolio.

3. A web designer can create a theme that is responsive

A blog can be viewed on different devices: mobile, desktop and tablet. This means that it is important for a blog to be responsive to a variety of devices and web designers specialise in creating blog designs that are optimised in this way.

4. A web designer can deal with the technical side of blog design…

…so you don’t have to. Designing a blog layout requires some knowledge of HTML and CSS and web designers are highly equipped with technical skills, so you can be sure that they are creating the best blog design with a high level of expertise.

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About The Author

Doug Banks is the Creative Director at Pixel Design Studio. You can find him on LinkedIn. He has over 10 years experience in project management and the designing and building of websites.