The best free social share bars for WordPress

If you’re struggling to come up with ways to get more followers on your social media pages, then it may be time to have a rethink when it comes to your strategy. Unfortunately, as much as you’d like them to, people aren’t going to flock to your Facebook or Twitter pages just because you’ve made them.

To help encourage people to pay them a visit, it’s worth thinking about a call to action on your site. This is where a good social share bar can really help you out and there are quite a few options available to insert into your WordPress web design. Having a social share bar means that you’re giving yourself a better chance of improving your social followings significantly, so take a look at some of these completely free options.

Share This (Filament)

‘Share This’ from Filament gives you the option of utilising for WordPress and has been designed with increasing your social shares in mind. There are share counts on board and a nice and clean scrolling bar that will match any design you choose.

Its main advantages are that it allows you to change up the ‘share’ button to anything you’d like, so if you have a phrase or a different term you’d like to use that’s relevant to the industry you work in, ‘Share This’ will allow you to do just that. There’s also a mobile interface that comes as standard, and you’re able to make relatively detailed changes to the design as well as specify the social platforms you’d like featured on the bar. All in all, it’s one of the most user-friendly social bars out there, so if you’re after something that’s perfect for WordPress beginners, ‘Share This’ could be for you.


If you’re after something that gives you a bit of diversity then Shareaholic could work for you. It comes with analytics which will help you build content based on what some of your users are sharing online, perfect for creating a blog that attracts repeat visits.

There are also themes and headlines which are given for your social sharing buttons. You can create your own headlines as a call to action which can be changed around. There are also dozens of sharing platforms you can choose from and it allows your users to see share counts. Finally, it’s highly adjustable, with the designer able to adjust pretty much everything from the colours and the sizes to the share counter. All in all, a pretty thorough sharing bar that could help you grow traffic as well as social media followings.

Social Share Bar

This is one of the more familiar-looking social share bars and is an alternative to the old Digg Digg plugin which no longer exists. Once upon a time, the Digg Digg bar was one of the best available, so if you like tradition, Social Share Bar could be the choice for you. The design and functionality are pretty much the same and it offers a raft of options when it comes to the social networks you’d like to include.

Social Share Bar is perfect if you want your customers to always be aware of your social media presence because the bar will float to stay in their eye line and, because of its functionality, it’s probably one of the easiest bars to install without impacting your website design.

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