WordPress design tips that will improve your SEO

When considering web design it is of course important to think about a design that will please your visitors and be easy for them to navigate. You do after all want them to remain on your site (to reduce your bounce rate) and explore (to encourage sales). Good website design however is not really about form, its first priority should be function and when it comes to website performance good function means good SEO practices. In an ideal world all websites would be pleasing to both the human and the bot eye. Here we give you 5 WordPress web design tips that will improve your SEO.

1. Content is the key

To say that content is the most important element of your SEO success would not be putting things too strongly. Well crafted and interesting content is great for visitor numbers but you can go further than this with the astute use and placement of keywords.

2. Use heading tags for keywords

Highlight your keywords or informative content by the judicious use of heading tags (h1, h2 etc.). You can also highlight using the strong tag too, but this should be used scarcely. Yoast have some helpful hints about how best to do this.

3. Use topic-specific image titles

It takes a bit of time, but replacing the alpha-numerical label that your images were given when they were taken with keyword specific titles will allow Google to include your images in its estimation of your website’s suitability against a search term.

4. Choose a WordPress theme that is SEO optimised

While all WordPress themes are SEO ready there are some out there that are particularly effective. If you are unsure how to find these, Theme-Junkie have some great options.

5. Avoid Flash content and imaging in your web design

Google places absolutely no importance on any Flash content. From an SEO perspective there are far more effective ways to create content.

These 5 WordPress design tips are only really the tip of the SEO iceberg, but they have all been chosen to help balance your requirement for a good looking site with one that is effective in achieving its audience goals. WordPress is an excellent tool for SEO with a wealth of available plugins and features that will aid your success. We can’t promise you the first page for Google searches but we can make sure that your website design is setting off in the right direction.


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SEO by http://tvorbaweb-stranok.sk licensed under Creative commons 4

About The Author

Doug Banks is the Creative Director at Pixel Design Studio. You can find him on LinkedIn. He has over 10 years experience in project management and the designing and building of websites.